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Sarah holds an M.F.A. in Film Production from Chapman University, and has served as an award-winning Producer, Director & Editor for over 10 years.  Her resume includes Technicolor and HBO, and she has taught film, television and radio production for over 15 years.

Sarah believes in organizations that believe in helping others, that’s why she  likes to focus her passion for visual storytelling and her skills as a director and editor on organizations that do good work in their communities. She also believes in supporting the local small business-owner, and she’s committed to developing digital video marketing campaigns that are effective and affordable. It’s tough to be the “little gal,” in a large market, and she strives to find an effective, powerful campaign that is brand-building for non-profits and small to mid-size businesses who have budgets to match.





bruce barker

Tracing Bruce’s video and audio experiences back to their origins requires several sharp pencils and a very large piece of paper. From his first days operating enormous RCA TR70C 2” videotape machines in a live production environment, Bruce has been fascinated with the nuts-and-bolts aspects of compelling, immersive storytelling.

Whether that story is a TV or Radio commercial, short film, documentary, or feature, Bruce offers technical expertise in sound mixing, set building, equipment design & maintenance, and graphics work.

Winner of production/copywriting awards including the Radio-Mercury, Cresta International, and Summit, Bruce also plies the voiceover trade, and has been heard on national commercials for Hyundai USA, Term Provider Insurance, Anheiser Busch, and Kroger Supermarkets. He’s a commercial script writer for USC Executive Education, ClearTouch, and Destination Weddings. And in his spare time he maintains a small fleet of 1950’s “picture cars”.